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Maybe you’re brand new to oDesk and feel lost, unsure how to make it worth your while. Maybe you’ve been trying to land your first paying oDesk gig, but feel stuck…not knowing how best to promote your skills or optimize your profile to draw employer attention. Whatever the case, it’s now possible for you to start building a high-profit, five-star oDesk reputation today! Prepare to unleash your full income potential as you read what might be the most important letter you’ve ever come across!

From: Mike Carter, Full-Time oDesk Freelancer and Business Owner

To: You, the freelancer struggling to earn as much as you know you’re worth!

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Dear Freelancing Friend,

Welcome to the future of freelancing—a future where, no matter where you live, what language you speak, or what your skill set is, you can make an amazing income through the power of oDesk!

Are you tired of endlessly browsing countless job postings, submitting your resume and portfolio to anonymous HR reps, hoping that maybe one of the dozens, if not hundreds of emails and applications you send out might actually get a response?

Thanks to increasingly global technology, freelancing is a more popular career path than ever—but it can also be one of the most confusing and frustrating ways to make a living!

I know this feeling because I experienced all this for myself!

When I first set out to establish myself as a freelance Virtual Assistant/Writer I figured I could easily find steady work and enjoy the flexibility of working from home—or wherever I wanted.

But I wasn’t prepared for the reality!

During the first month as a full-time freelancer, I sent out hundreds of bids and applications for work. How many did I get a response from?


That’s right. Nada. Zilch. None. Not a single employer brought me on for even the smallest project.

Talk about discouraging!

Then…I discovered oDesk. As a professional freelance platform, oDesk promised to connect me directly to eager employers who needed my exact talents!

Problem solved, right?

Not quite. After I got setup on oDesk, I still struggled to make even a modest income. For some reason, I wasn’t getting any attention from hiring employers or teams, and the effort was outweighing the benefits.

Not only that, but by that point, rent was due and—without any sort of income—I was close to having to make a choice between losing my apartment and going hungry.

In desperation, I studied everything I could about oDesk and how it worked. I looked at the profiles of top-performing freelancers and researched their success stories. I scrutinized their rates and how they presented themselves to employers through powerful portfolios and cover letters and everything else I could get my hands on where oDesk was concerned. Finally, I formulated a step-by-step strategy that I believed would transform my results. Close to being broke, I totally changed up my approach to oDesk and tested a whole new method for landing paying contracts.

”And it worked!”

Suddenly, I started getting more work than I could handle! My income shot through the roof, and I began to get great reviews from satisfied clients.

Now I can’t imagine working without oDesk! Since then, I’ve worked 4 years as a top oDesk freelancer. I’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars and maintained a five-star reputation the whole time!

These days, I barely even have to search for new jobs—most of them come to me through direct employer invitations.

And guess what?

You can have the same oDesk experience! Instead of wasting time figuring things out on your own, you can learn the best oDesk success strategies and tactics straight from me and put them to work for you immediately. It’s all found within:

“Direct access to money-making oDesk success secrets? Count me in!”

Part 1: Welcome To oDesk

  • What does oDesk do?
  • Why should I work on oDesk
  • How does oDesk make money
  • What is online work
  • How is online work different from
  • Traditional work
  • Who will I be working with
  • The oDesk Guarentee
Part 2: Let’s Get Started
  • What you’ll need
  • Three steps to getting
  • What makes a great profile
  • Ready .. set.. search
  • What to look for in a job
  • Fixed-price vs. hourly
Part 3: Applying & Interviewing
  • How the process
  • Setting your
  • Seven steps to an excellent cover letter
  • Example of a winning cover letter
  • Ace the interview
  • Before the interview
  • During the interview
  • After the interview
  • Waiting on the results
  • Got the job? Yay!
Part 4: Get the Job Done
  • Making it work
  • Start the project right
  • Using the Team App
  • Trust & Safety
  • Project management 101
  • Dos and don’ts of written
  • Communication
Part 5: Great Job. Now What?
  • When a job is finished
  • Get ready for more work
  • Seven habits of successful contractors

…and that’s just a small portion of the valuable information this eBook contains!

WARNING: Are you looking for black hat or other illegal “tricks” to try and cheat the oDesk system? You won’t find those here! Everything in this guide is perfectly aligned with oDesk policies. While surprisingly powerful, the strategies you’ll learn here are entirely on the up-and-up and will never cause you to compromise any ethical standards. The best oDesk reputation is an honest one!
You’ve convinced me! I need this ProDesker right now!

Let me be straightforward: How much would you be willing to pay for a guide that would unlock your oDesk earnings potential?

I know how tight the budget can be as a freelancer, especially when you’re just starting out. That’s why I’ve stuffed this guide full of as much valuable information as possible! I wanted to make sure it’s worth

So…what is this guide worth to you, when you break it down?

Remember, this eBook guide empowers you to make unlimited income! Not only that, but it will save you hundreds of hours of wasted effort and let you immediately start making money through oDesk!

And your very first successful oDesk contract will undoubtedly pay for this guide at least 10x’s over!

With all that in mind, it’d be easy to put the price of this eBook at $100 or more. In fact, I’ve seen various guides and freelancing courses that cost $300 and higher!

I’m not going to ask for anything near that. I’m not even going to ask for half of that measly $100.

In fact, I’m going to price this as low as I possibly can, so you get as high return on your investment as possible.

That’s why ProDesker is yours for just

That’s right! Just $9.95 gets you full access to the profit-making, reputation-boosting secrets and strategies that will make you unstoppable on oDesk!

To get you started, I’m also pairing this incredible offer with another valuable service. When you purchase ProDesker today, I’ll also provide a FREE personal profile review!

You’ll get unique feedback on your oDesk profile and be shown exactly how to edit or update it to make it look as strong and contract-worthy as possible.

“A profit-boosting guide AND a personal profile review? ”

I’ve no doubt that the information in this oDesk guide is absolutely priceless—and will set you on the path to lifelong freelance success!

See you on oDesk!

Mike Carter

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